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Hello, world!

March 14, 2017 – AOL will close DMOZ, a web directory edited only by humans for almost 19 years.
A piece of internet history will then be gone.
Many editors were very emotional about the project, but even more about its sunset. I created a short question form after AOL's notice and I asked former editors what they think about DMOZ and if they could imagine being part of a team building a successor to the notable Open Directory Project a.k.a. DMOZ.

So, I registered and set up a basic platform with a wiki and a forum to foster vivid discussions about a possible approach to build something great with the power of the community.

What is

It's just a platform for discussing a new web directory with a focus on human editing.

How will relate to DMOZ?

We don't know yet. At the moment, is just a suggestion to move forward as a community with the idea of a human edited web directory.

How will be different from DMOZ?

We don't know yet. This is a question which involves user experience, editor experience, relationships to other parts of the web (e.g. search engines), technology and many more. Those are topics to be discussed in the forum

Nothing is set in stone! I hust want to use the momentum and the hope for a new directory and assist building something great!

How can you become part of the discussion?

Just sign up here. You will be instantly granted access to the forum and the wiki.

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